1. This is not my car. All respect to the owner. Just curious if anyone knows the color or something close. I like it a lot and am looking for the perfect paint job for my first car (a 1966 mustang).

  2. Submission: 1967 Ford Mustang, Coupe.
    This is beautiful.

  4. Just old Mustangs

    1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
  5. Just old Mustangs

    1967 Fastback Ford Mustang.
  6. Just old Mustangs

    1967 Ford Mustang

  8. iamtheonewhocockblocks said: Do you know any good places to buy a 1970's mustang?

    I wish.
    To be honest I have no idea. I’m not expecting to buy one any time soon. I can imagine it would be hard for me to find somewhere though since I’m in Australia.

  10. Just old Mustangs

    1966 Fastback Ford Mustang.
  11. fave. 1966 Fastback Ford Mustang


  12. words-will-not-tear-me-down said: Can you post a picture of your favorite mustang?

    I really can.


  14. jewel-rose said: Do you have any pictures of a dark blue '65 Mustang?

    I sure do.

  15. Just old Mustangs

    1968 Fastback Ford Mustang